Wellness Plans

You deserve to Feel and Look Great! 

No more Fatigue, Hot Flashes or Loss of Libido!  Heck No!  It’s time to feel Energized, Passionate and Want to give that Secret Wink to Your Partner!

No more Bloating, Brain Fog and Mood Swings!  It’s time to fix that Brain GUT Connection, Lose the Belly, Feel Focused and in Control!

And definitely, No more Sweet Cravings, Weight Gain and Rapid Wrinkling!  It’s time to Feel Confident and In Control, Slim and Sexy, and Slow down the signs of Father Time.

Most of us need a plan and someone to guide and help us through the plan so we can accomplish our goals! 

That’s what Personal Wellness Medicine is all about!  To provide you a plan and be the support and guidance to understand the plan and stick to it.

Here’s what’s in store for you!  All you have to do is decide which Plan is right for you!


My first plan is the SILVER Plan

Silver is about looking at your Genetic Weaknesses that are MODIFIABLE (called Epigenetics) so that you can change the course of your Future! 

With Silver, you’re setting yourself up for a longer, more active and independent life with less medical concerns – the ones that keep you from enjoying your truly Golden Years! 

The way I look at it is – HECK… if I could know of any genetic weaknesses… AND I know how to prevent these weaknesses from getting “turned on”… I sure want to know about it NOW! 

We can’t change our Genes.  But we CAN change our EPIGENTICS. 

Check out this link that describes the different DNA LIFE tests available in my SILVER PLAN!  The SILVER Plan includes 2 DNA LIFE tests.



My second plan is the GOLD PLAN:

This plan provides you with both the Silver Plan PLUS the opportunity to know what is happening inside your GUT and how to fix it

This is your opportunity to allow me to help DEMYSTIFY any of those odd symptoms you have like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and excess gas.

Your Microbiome is conducting 90% (or more) of your metabolic functions!  Everything you eat and drink have to interact with your microbiome at some time or another. 

We use FUNCTIONAL Stool Testing that shows the FUNCTIONALITY of your Microbiome.  

Most stool testing uses an archaic system of Microbiome evaluation looking at only a small section of the Microbiome genome.  We use Whole Genome Stool Testing which is what the Microbiome Research Institute has clearly stated is the most accurate way to test your Microbiome AND the ecosystem surrounding it.

This means that I can assess HOW your microbiome is functioning.  What it is doing well for you, and what your Microbiome does not do so well at all.  I then use this information to create a more comprehensive and helpful (system wide) Personal Wellness Plan for you.

As you have probably heard by now, your GUT and your microbiome play a dominant role in your immune function, in resistant weight loss, allergies, joint pain and inflammation.  Your GUT health even plays a role in your moods through the GUT – BRAIN Connection.

So even if you don’t have any GUT symptoms, you can see how vital it is to have a Healthy GUT and to know how to improve your Microbiome to optimize metabolic functions as a whole.  Second to DNA Epigenetic testing, Whole Genome Stool Testing of your Microbiome is a critical piece of Functional Medicine Testing to take your Health to a Superior Level.

With the GOLD Plan, your Personal Wellness Plan includes BOTH your Epigenetic based Nutritional and Lifestyle Plan AND how to improve your Gut Health Microbiome and keep it that way.


My Third Plan is the SAPPHIRE PLAN:

I just gave birth to it a couple of days ago when one of you lovely ladies requested it!  It was exactly what she needed so she was my birthing coach!  We designed it together!

SAPPHIRE Plan includes the SILVER (like they all do) PLUS the evaluation and management of your SEX Hormones and THYROID Hormones.  (NO GUT or Adrenal Hormones.)  This includes the use of prescriptions, so it does constitute a physician / patient relationship (which is extra cool!)

It may sound a bit presumptuous to say I’m a master at managing SEX and THYROID Hormones… but that’s my baby.  I try to be humble… but when it comes to Hormones, I’ve not met a single doctor who can put all the puzzle pieces together to balance, tweak, and keep balanced these critical hormones. 

This one is perfect for you if you don’t feel you have any GUT or Adrenal Hormone Balance needs.  I don’t want to leave you out!  So SAPPHIRE was made just for you!


My Fourth Plan is the DIAMOND PLAN:

Here we really start to change everything and turn your Health around! 

The DIAMONDPlan includes the DNA testing with your Personal Wellness Plan, PLUS the Stool testing and management for GUT Health, PLUS all of the critical Hormone Systems:  SEX Hormones, THYROID Hormones, and ADRENAL (Stress) Hormones. 

Of course, this is a wonderful plan for us to develop our Physician / Patient relationship and Prescriptions are included.  And because we are working so closely together, there is another exciting addition! 

Midway through our year together, you have the opportunity to discover Advanced Hormone Treatments with Peptide Therapy for subcutaneous injectable Peptides which stimulate your body’s production of Growth Hormone for Weight Loss, Faster and Easier Body Composition goals (lower fat and higher muscle mass), deeper sleep, and stronger immune system functioning.

My DIAMOND Plan is going to be a doozie of a year for you and provide you a straightforward Medical Plan and Guide to succeed with your Health and Wellness Goals.  This is where we really start to have fun.  AND, this is truly a wonderful opportunity for you!

This is the year you need to give to YOURSELF.  You’ve been giving to everyone else your whole adult life!  Now it’s time for you to help YOURSELF.  And remember… when you feel great, everyone who loves you feels great!


My Fifth & Most Elite Plan is PLATINUM

And it’s my favorite!  And that is why I have such a great opportunity for YOU (never to be offered again!)

If you want to take the BIGGEST step forward, and leave nothing to chance, and get my personal Coaching AND Medical Care… PLATINUM Plan is the right one for you.

We’re going to be best buddies in PLATINUM Plan because we are together in person or by phone pretty much every single month!   This is where the PARTY takes place because we merge Medicine and Coaching together to catapult your health!   I am your Physician and Coach guiding you step by step and coach you through your yearlong Master Health Program!

Yes, here in the PLATINUM Plan we do everything that is included in DIAMONDPlan PLUS more!  But it’s not harder at all!  It’s EASIER!  Because I am right by your side and won’t let you get away!

We start off with discovering your personal needs based on your DNA testing and developing your Personal Wellness Plan, Stool testing for GUT and Microbiome management for GUT Health, and Balance all of your Hormone Systems:  SEX Hormones, THYROID Hormones, and ADRENAL (Stress) Hormones.  And if you have any Chronic Medical Conditions, get ready because we’re really going to focus on reversing the clock and overcoming these conditions! 

We’ll also discuss and decide on whether Advanced Hormone Treatments with Peptide Therapy is right for you.  (You’re going to hope it is!)  Peptides are a safe and effective therapy to achieve the fastest and easiest method to lose weight, improve body composition (lower fat mass and increase muscle mass), reach deeper sleep levels and build a stronger immune system to name a few! 

And because you have committed to really putting yourself first, and having so much fun with me, I have an extra wonderful bonus for just YOU during our 7th to 8th month together – Micronutrient Testing – allowing us to see what your nutrient levels are inside your cells and not just in the blood stream.  We want to make sure that all the devotion you have made to yourself is resulting in optimal results INSIDE your cells.

This is the Plan where our Physician / Patient relationship is taken to the highest level, and of course – Prescriptions are included. 

It’s going to be so much FUN!