We have access to the most advanced testing in the United States, and utilize testing that is specific for your needs.

Tests recommended for most patients include:

  • Baseline Blood, Electrolyte, Liver Function, and Kidney Function Testing (Blood)
  • Metabolic Insulin Resistance Testing (Blood)
  • Basic Nutrition Testing (Blood)
  • Adrenal Hormone Testing (Saliva)
  • Sex Hormone Testing (Blood or Saliva)
  • Sex Hormone Metabolism Testing (Urine)
  • Thyroid Hormone Testing (Blood)
  • Neurotransmitter Testing (Mucosal Swab and Subjective Testing)
  • Genetic / Nutrigenomic Testing (Cheek Swab)

Additional Testing recommended for some patients include:

  • Advanced Cardiac Testing (Blood)
  • Advanced Insulin Resistance Testing (Blood)
  • Advanced Nutritional Testing (Blood)
  • Stool Testing (Stool)
  • Toxin Testing (Urine)
  • Allergy Testing (Blood)
  • Infectious Organisms (Bacteria, Viral, Candida, Mold) Testing (Blood and Stool)
  • Home Sleep Study Testing (Specialized Monitor)

At Personal Wellness Medicine, we offer specialized testing specific for your needs and goals with your particular budget always considered.  We will review all of your options openly and discuss financing options to assure you have the comprehensive care you need.