Silver Plan


I’m SO happy you took advantage of the opportunity for me to present you with a Personalized Wellness Plan based on your DNA Nutrigenomics Testing! 

Creating an individualized Nutritional, Supplemental and Lifestyle plan based on your DNA Nutrigenomic Testing and personal needs.

To think that just a few years ago we didn’t even have the data and knowledge to understand our personal Genetic weaknesses and understand our personal challenges in carrying out normal cellular functions like detoxifying chemicals, metabolizing and absorbing nutrients and hormones, carrying out methylation 24 hours a day in continuous cellular functions, breaking down lipids, and so much more.

This is just a tad of what you will find out about in your DNA Health Nutrigenomics testing.  And it will all be carefully explained and outlined in your Personal Wellness Plan I design just for you. 

The SILVER Plan includes the largest panel of DNA Nutrigenomic testing called DNA Health.  You have one more panel to choose that is included in your SILVER Plan. 

You will soon receive an email that reviews the additional DNA testing panels so that you can choose the second panel that suits your needs most and is included in your SILVER Plan.  Once you have reviewed the panels, you simply return the email form that defines the DNA panel of your choice.  Remember, this is in addition to the DNA Health panel that is already included in your SILVER Plan.

Once you return the form identifying which one of the panels you would like to add as your second DNA Panel included in your SILVER Plan, and your financial obligations have been met, Your DNA Kit will be immediately ordered and sent to you through DHL International Shipping Company by 2-day overnight mail.   

All instructions to perform the DNA cheek swab test are clearly in the kit.  You will also be sent a video showing you how to obtain this simple cheek swab sample.  Once completed, use the prepaid shipping envelope that is included in your kit to return the sample to the lab. 

At this time, you will also be ready to reserve your time with me to review your results and Personalized Wellness Plan.  Plan on it taking about 5 weeks before your lab results return to me and your Personalized Wellness Plan is complete. You will have access to my scheduling calendar, and I encourage you to sign up for our visit together by ZOOM or Face Time to review your Personal Wellness Plan and DNA testing results soon after returning your cheek swab to the lab. 

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or write to us at

I look forward to putting your plan together and spending our time together to discuss the findings so that you can run hard and fast to optimize how you feel today and also change the trajectory of your future!