Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment with Karen Leggett (DO)

Dr. Karen Leggett (D.O.) is a Board-Certified Family and Geriatric physician, with fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. She is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Midlife Specialist, Inc., Personal Wellness Medicine, LLC, and Leggett Medical Group, Inc.  Dr. Karen is also the creator of the Happy Hoo Hoo for vaginal health, and of Young Hormones(TM),a luxurious line of natural Bioidentical Hormone creams available over the counter.  

Dr. Karen is a best-selling author with Brian Tracy in Success Manifesto with Get Energized, Focused and Downright Sexy Now.  She has been a speaker on Hormone Health and Balance to women and medical providers over the past 20 years, and has helped thousands of women sail through menopause, avoid rapid aging, and live the life they imagined for themselves as younger women.

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Leah Lange, APRN

Scheduling an Appointment with Nurse Practitioner Leah Lange
Fellowship Trained Women’s Hormone Specialist

Leah and Dr. Leggett have a unique beginning that may just win your heart. Dr. Leggett first met Leah when she was an Intensive Care Unit RN, where Dr. Leggett was always hopeful Leah would be the RN caring for her patients. Leah initially moved to Florida to care for her aging Grandparents in Florida, and following their passing she decided to go to nursing school. She graduated as an RN in 2004, and then in 2012 graduated from the University of South Florida as a Nurse Practitioner, after which Dr. Leggett immediately hired her to join Leggett Medical Group.

Leah then completed a year-long fellowship with Dr. Leggett in Functional Medicine and practices as a wholistic practitioner in Dr. Leggett’s Midlife Women’s practice, as well as working as a full-time provider to Leggett Medical Group’s long term and rehabilitation patients. Leah’s “heart of gold” connects her with patients immediately. She has a unique desire to help patients in preventive, holistic medicine which stems from growing up on her family’s organic commercial farm in Kentucky. Leah also has a driving desire to empower patients with knowledge, and loves to teach. Our patients are truly blessed to have Leah on our team.

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