sapphire Plan


YOU DID IT!  You decided that SAPPHIRE was best for you and that makes me extremely proud to work with you! 

Your program will be completely individualized to YOUR needs.  We will start with DNA Nutrigenomic testing and your first call with me will serve as the basis to help me determine what needs you have to address immediately.  This will be individualized to you and not match any other SAPPHIRE member’s plan. 

This little taste of an outline is to give you an idea of what your plan includes – and share with you the additional opportunities included in your plan that you may not have even thought of! 

Our 2021 together is all about your Discovery – Action – Success Plan that will take your health and happiness to the highest level possible during our year together.  My goal is to catapult your health and happiness to the most optimal state you have ever experienced. 

Here is an overview of your SAPPHIRE PLAN!  Keep in mind that your plan will be like no other member’s plan.  We will work together very closely and get to know each other extremely well. 

Here are the highlights of your SAPPHIRE PLAN that are available to you!

Creating an individualized Nutritional, Supplemental and Lifestyle plan based on your DNA Nutrigenomic Testing and personal needs.

Your diet is without a doubt the single most important aspect of your health. You need good eating habits in place to reduce the effects of illness and achieve and maintain your healthiest, happiest and most vibrant life!

For some this means making a few minor adjustments.  And for others, this can mean a complete Nutritional overhaul. Sometimes these overhauls come with habit restructuring and a full pantry purge.  And with SAPPHIRE – we will return to this part of your plan every time we meet to assure your success!  Our time together will focus on optimal nutrition for your genetic makeup and provide you the opportunity to Lose Weight, break a Sugar Addiction, Identify Food Sensitivities and Reduce habitual Temptations. 

Your DNA nutrigenomics testing helps guide the plan that is right for you as an individual. 

I won’t be throwing out a cookie cutter plan for you.  Nutritional planning means taking into consideration your personal lifestyle and family’s needs as well.  When the changes you need seem too overwhelming, I will work with you to ease into your new nutritional plan.  Remember, there is no such thing as DIET!  The first three letters of DIET are D-I-E… and Personal Wellness Medicine for you is all about SUSTAINED Nutritional Planning and Success. 

The bottom line is our nutrition planning eases you into a new, healthier way of life no matter where you are today. The point of our nutrition planning is to make it easy, comfortable, and ultimately set you up for success. 

*Optimizing and Balancing your Sex Hormones

An important aspect of your Personalized Functional Healthcare Program includes the restoration of Hormonal Balance and Function.  Optimal and Balanced Sex Hormones are at the core of your Holistic Health Success and together with Adrenal and Thyroid Hormone Balance, DNA Nutrigenomic Lifestyle Optimization, and assuring a Healthy GUT and Microbiome, normal brain chemistry and balanced intracellular biochemical processes naturally follow in most circumstances! 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is available at specific doses for you and compounded for your particular needs.  With SAPPHIRE, we may find our way into the realm of Advanced Hormone therapies which include both sublingual and injectable peptide therapies often as adjunct therapy to topical BHRT to optimize Growth Hormone and IGF1 – the master hormones behind easier fat loss, higher energy levels, improved libido, deeper sleep, and a stronger immune system. 

THAT’S RIGHT!  I made a mistake and checked off “NO” on Peptide Therapy in the overview chart previously sent to you!  MY MISTAKE!  OF COURSE, SAPPHIRE MUST include Peptide Therapy if it is right for you!  Yea!

*Optimizing and Balancing your Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid diseases are fairly common and are believed to impact hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Thyroid diseases lie on a spectrum – ranging from conditions where the thyroid makes too much hormone, to those where the thyroid doesn’t make enough.  In some cases, the thyroid gland itself is perfectly capable of producing the right amount of thyroid hormones but your body is unable to convert inactive thyroid hormone to active thyroid hormone. 

In addition, any dysfunction along the HPT Axis (Hypothalamic Pituitary Thyroid Axis) can be troubled, and it is my job to Discover what is going on in your body and solve it.  Symptoms can be very mild and about half of all people with thyroid conditions don’t realize they have a problem. Furthermore, thyroid conditions can be asymptomatic when they are early in forming or at an extremely mild level of development.

ANTI-Aging Skin Care

And I saved a BONUS SECRET for LAST!  It’s the most FUN and exciting part of being a part of Personal Wellness Medicine, because who doesn’t want the latest and greatest secrets to skin care?!

Did you know that there are prescription doses and skin care secrets that can be carefully compounded just for you?  YES!  If you’re up for a real treat… just talk to me about Personalized Compounded Skin Care to plump skin, smooth wrinkles, and even out skin tones with all-natural substances such as Superoxide Dismutase, Coenzyme Q10, Biopeptides and GHK-Cu!

That’s right – this little secret I’ve been keeping is out of the bag now – I can have these amazing mixes compounded just for you because you’re my patient!  Isn’t that exciting?! 

I hope this gives you a good look at what is ahead of you for 2021!   I look forward to being a part of helping you become Healthier, Happier, Stronger, and YOUNGER!  Let’s go Get ‘em Girl!  Let’s show ‘em who’s boss!