Reproductive Hormones

Most Women think about Menopause and Perimenopause as a time when hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, insomnia, weight gain and bloating occur. They don’t think about what is really lurking around the corner.

Hormone Imbalance symptoms aren’t fun.  But the REAL dangers of Hormone Decline are far greater than symptoms.

Here is the Truth about Hormone Decline that you ought to be thinking about – because your Future Depends on it more than you may realize.

Hormone Balance and Restoration DECREASES the risk of:

1. Heart Disease – the number one killer of women in the United States

2. Osteoporosis and resultant bone fractures – stealing your freedom, confidence and independence and leaving you with pain, immobility and loss of independence.

3. Diabetes – with a 70% greater risk for women who don’t utilize Hormone replacement therapy.

4. Memory Loss – the greatest thief of all.  Without our memory… what’s left?

5.  Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer – both devastating and common cancers.  And yes, you read this correctly.  Sex Hormones decrease breast cancer – not increase it.

Though Anti-Aging physicians have understood the literature all along as holistic physicians educated in both Conventional and Functional Medicine, it took “Conventionally-trained only” physicians and medical establishments 18 years to understand and accept.

Please enjoy watching this two-minute video with Dr. Marisa Weiss, Chief Medical Officer at, interviewing Dr. Chlebowski of UCLA Medical Center and The Lundquist Institute, about long term data from the Women’s Health Initiative that he presented at the 2019 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 


We can finally put this erroneous data behind us and move forward with confidence.  No one should tell you Estrogen or Progesterone causes breast cancer.  For more interest in the subject, we recommend reading Avrum Blumin, MD and Carol Tavris PhD’s book Estrogen Matters – released in 2018.  Dr. Blumin, a medical oncologist and Dr. Tavris, a social psychologist, investigate and share what led the public and much of the medical establishment to accept the Women’s Health Initiative’s erroneous claims, upsetting the World and costing women their lives, for the last 18 years.

We, at Personal Wellness Medicine, are MASTERS at balancing and restoring Reproductive (Sex) hormones to safe, healthy and vibrant levels.  Because we understand and treat all the working pieces of Balancing Hormones!  

There’s a whole lot more to it than just prescribing Bioidentical Hormones.  It’s a Holistic approach that considers all of the following:

  • Your Unique Genome
  • Your Adrenal (Stress) Hormone Balance
  • Your Thyroid Hormone Balance
  • Your Neurotransmitter Balance
  • Your Immune Function
  • Your GUT Health

This is what makes US stand out.   Ready to get your Youthful Spirit and Health back? 

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