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Our Total Hormone Balance Memberships give you everything you need to get your Hormone Happiness Groove Back!  You know already that Hormone Optimization slows down the aging process!  We all love less wrinkles, firmer skin, and healthier hair for sure.  But deep inside – your Bone, Joints, Heart, Brain, and GUT are thanking you too! 

We give you everything you need to achieve and maintain Optimal Sex, Thyroid, Brain, GUT and Adrenal Hormone Balance and Health.  We support and guide you every step of the way, month by month. 

We look forward to helping you restore your Hormone Balance so you wake up every morning with a smile on your face and being excited with how the day will unfold.

With your new, stable Hormone Balance, your mood is cheerier, and less worried.  You feel present with life instead of pushing so hard to survive.  Hot flashes disappear and your Libido is encouraged.  Your skin feels more supple, your hair less fragile and dry.  And now you’re doing FUN things in your life because you feel happy and energized instead of achy, tired, and dragged out.

You’re able to focus more clearly on work, enjoying more free time with those you love.  And best of all – you feel open to explore New Opportunities that come your way.  

It’s called:  Getting Your Youthful Self – Back!

Read On to get excited about what we have in store for you in our Personal Wellness Medicine Memberships!


What Your Platinum Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Diamond Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Sapphire Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Gold Schedule Looks Like …


DNA Estrogen Testing

Your DNA holds the secrets to your individual ability to detoxify and metabolize chemicals, hormones, toxins, and even nutrients.  It even holds the secrets to how you process your own cells’ waste products!

This is your foundation to understanding what your body needs to optimize the function of your genes!

Do you know your own DNA weaknesses?  This is an important question to ask yourself.  It may just save your life.  Or prevent you from heartache and illness in the future.  Come along with Dr. Karen on an exciting, eye-opening journey inside your body – deep into the most foundational aspect of your being – YOUR DNA! 

Everything starts here:  It’s called Epigenetics.

Exploring weaknesses in your DNA is the most advanced testing method Functional & Anti-Aging Medicine has to offer today. We use this knowledge to practice Epigenetics – the most valuable holistic treatment available today. 

We at Personal Wellness Medicine are Experts in Epigenetics.

In the practice of Epigenetics, we examine only DNA weaknesses which can be overcome with Lifestyle, Nutrition and Supplementation strategies.  All DNA weaknesses have been researched and published in a minimum of three peer reviewed journals.  So, there’s no guess work involved!

This means we are not slaves to our DNA!  By discovering your genes’ weaknesses that alter the metabolism of Estrogen, you gain the Power to overcome a potentially frightening and debilitating illness like breast cancer.  This is the Beauty of Epigenetics.

We make Your DNA – Our Priority.

Dr Karen will carefully review your DNA results with you and guide you step by step on how to overcome your particular DNA weaknesses.  This is how we naturally maximize your healthy metabolism of Estrogen, while keeping your Hormone levels at healthy, youthful levels. 

Just what your body is begging for. 

Sex Hormone Testing – Saliva or Blood Spot:

We obtain initial Hormone levels during your first month in your GOLD Membership.   We then re-test midyear to assure we are on track. 

This hormone test is done in the comfort of your home with a first morning saliva collection.  If you have difficulty obtaining a saliva sample, we substitute saliva testing with blood spot testing. 

After each test, Dr. Karen goes over all testing results with you one on one. 

But we don’t leave you there!  You have your own personal Health Coach, Natania!  And she will assure you have ongoing understanding and support between your visits with Dr. Karen.  Coach Natania will also be your guide to assure you have a comprehensive holistic understanding of hormone balance through nutrition and GUT health. 

We work closely together in an organized fashion to assure you get the help you need with your Sex Hormones supplementation plan, to assure we are always moving toward balance, symptom resolution and safety so you can be confident that the only thing you need to do is follow your plan and enjoy truly getting younger! 

Every year as you watch others look older and act older… you’ll remain young, bright, and spirited.  You’ll be the envy and curiosity of your friends and family.  

But watch out!  You’re about to discover that this will make you the go-to person for advice! 

Hormone Metabolism

  • We have uncovered your DNA weaknesses and put a holistic plan in place.
  • We have tested and cared for your Sex Hormone imbalances – and retested to assure progress.
  • We have worked together using Nutrition, Supplements and Bioidentical Hormones.
  • Your hot flashes have resolved.
  • Your skin and hair feel more supple and moist
  • Your energy is soaring
  • Your moods are hopeful, fun, and excited about life
  • Your sleep is better!  Your libido too!

Now it’s time to put it all to the test and check your Sex Hormone Metabolites!

A Healthy Sex Hormone Metabolism is the Reward!

You will soon discover that it’s NOT just about Estrogen!  Your DNA dictates in part, how your body metabolizes your Sex Hormones.  And your Lifestyle dictates the rest.  This metabolism is the key factor in keeping you safe from breast cancer! 

This is why we do what we do!

We don’t just test your hormones and throw bioidentical hormones at you!  Goodness no!  We’re about making sure that you are metabolizing your hormones down all the favorable pathways to support your bones, heart, brain, skin and hair, without putting you at higher risk of female cancers!

Together with DNA testing, Hormone Metabolite testing allows us to create the perfect Sex Health and Balance Hormone Plan specifically for you!

Your membership includes ZRT’s most advanced Urine test available to measure the different Estrogen, Progesterone, and Androgen metabolites. 

Dr Karen will review your Sex Hormone Metabolism one-on-one and make recommendations for any findings that can be improved. 

The GOLD Membership plan is 100% comprehensive membership for everything you must have to assure life-long knowledge and protection to maintain Healthy Youthful Hormone Balance. 

Getting Younger has Never Been so Easy and So MUCH Fun!

DNA Thyroid Testing

I bet you are wondering if your Thyroid Hormones are optimal or not! 

Do you know what the Thyroid Hormones do for you?

Your Thyroid Gland is THE end-organ master-regulator of Every Single Function in Every Single Cell in your body.  WOW!   

If you’re tired, imagine what your cells feel like!

But you went to the doctor, and he told you your thyroid was fine.  So, it must be something else.

In SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND & PLATINUM Memberships, we assess every angle of your Thyroid Gland’s function. *

Our work up is based on 4 Principles: Your DNA Thyroid results, Lab Values based on Functional Medicine guidelines, Levels of Toxic and Essential Elements in your body, and your Morning Body Temperature.

Dr. Karen uses these 4 Principles to determine the health of your Thyroid gland and what your Thyroid Function needs to work optimally, including Thyroid Hormone Supplementation. 

Balance is key here too!  Thyroid Hormone Balance is as important as Estrogen and Progesterone Balance!  We aim to not only optimize your Free T3 and Free T4 Hormones, but to also Balance them at the same time.

A very common problem with Thyroid Hormone Medications is that there are very few medications to choose from to achieve this Critical Balance of Free T4 and Free T3.  If necessary, Dr. Karen has individualized amounts of each T3 and T4 compounded in a Slow-Release Capsule to assure you have the perfect balance in Free T3 and Free T4 and your cells have what they need to function optimally!   

The function of your Thyroid is also dependent on specific Toxic and Essential Elements in your body. Such as Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium.** 

We Test!  Not Guess!

*If you are not in the Platinum Membership, and Dr. Karen suspects a thyroid dysfunction related to Adrenal Dysfunction, you may be asked to invest in additional Cortisol Testing to assure comprehensive treatment.

**Platinum Membership tests Toxic and Essential Elements in both Urine and Blood Spot.

Neurotransmitter Hormone Balance

Neurotransmitter Balance is a critical piece to your overall health and happiness. A balance between your Stimulating Neurotransmitters (such as Dopamine and Norepinephrine) and Calming Neurotransmitters (such as Serotonin and GABA) allows you to be Relaxed, Calm and Focused at the same time.  

This is our Ultimate-Goal and provides the Physiological Baseline you must have to truly enjoy Being Present in the Moment, while simultaneously being able to Look toward the Future. 

Balance is everything.  And it starts with Physical Balance.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for your moods – such as feeling Sad or Depressed, Unmotivated or Blah, Irritable, Angry or Anxious.  Imbalances can also cause you to have Poor Concentration, Foggy Thinking, Memory Loss and even Loss of Passion.

The first thing we need to do is understand the Cause of any Mood and Memory challenge.

We go straight to the source – your DNA – with DNA MIND for more Epigenetics!

DNA MIND testing will uncover the DNA Weaknesses you inherited, and assess the role they play in your Moods, and Memory and Resilience.  DNA Weaknesses play a large role in how you respond to both inner turmoil and outside influences. 

Your DNA Weaknesses also play a role in how Resilient you feel during stressful events, and can identify the Causes that hold you back from experiencing Passion and Joy.

To Balance Neurotransmitters, we need to know your DNA weaknesses.  But we also need to know where you are right now in your Neurotransmitter Imbalance.

Therefore, simultaneously, we test your Neurotransmitter Levels.

Because Weaknesses discovered in DNA MIND are especially sensitive to Nutritional Deficiencies and Hormone Imbalances, we combine key findings from your Sex & Thyroid Hormone Test Results to guide you toward the fastest path to Neurotransmitter Balance. 

Balancing your Neurotransmitters results in your ability to stay calm in stressful surroundings and connect with others Intimately with Empathy that doesn’t burden you or cause you personal pain or suffering. 

It’s quite common for a Personal Wellness Member to share her amazement with feeling Balanced, Calm, and Joyful, after 30, 40, and even 50 years of feeling Stressed, Wired, and Worried.  We also see our Empath Members enjoy Freedom from Emotional Pain caused by other’s suffering.

HPA Dysregulation (AKA Adrenal Fatigue)

Hypothalamic – Pituitary – Adrenal Dysregulation

If you’re questioning if it’s normal to feel tired so frequently, even after sleeping all night, you’re probably entering into the HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) Dysregulation arena!

Some call it -Adrenal Fatigue.  And some call it – Chronic Fatigue.   And if muscle pain and soreness is a part of the picture… it’s progressed into Fibromyalgia (which we now refer to as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). 

How’s THAT for a mouthful?!  The reality is – IT IS a mouthful!  And it’s very serious.  It will steal your life away.

Whatever you call it, Every Functional Medical Physician Agrees – Adrenal Fatigue stems from an HPA Axis Dysregulation caused by a Multitude of Imbalances.

Unfortunately, very few know how to care for Adrenal Fatigue, and turn it around so you can start Living Your Life Again.  Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue results in feeling energized all day, focused on your projects, and motivated to accomplish your goals. 

Healing means feeling Worthy, Useful and Valuable!

Dr. Karen knows.  Over 20 years ago, she suffered from the worst of Adrenal Fatigue.  Today she states: “It’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” 

Adrenal Fatigue is a Medical Nightmare, is very serious, and doesn’t magically “go-away”.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Karen has helped thousands of women overcome the multiple causes of Adrenal Fatigue and is proud that this is her Gift to the World.

Often Adrenal Fatigue is the result of years of Stress and Multiple Hormone Imbalances.  Nutritional deficiencies, especially those which worsen your already fragile DNA Weaknesses, play a huge part in Adrenal Fatigue as well.  This leads to Thyroid Suppression and Neurotransmitter Imbalances. 

We attack Adrenal Fatigue Holistically and Comprehensively – because that’s the only RIGHT way to do it!

You need specialty testing of your Adrenal Hormones: Free Cortisol, Free Cortisone, Melatonin, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine levels – are each measured at specific times throughout the day by both Saliva and Urine.

This workup is combined with all other testing to develop the right Success Plan for you. Rest assured, we guide you ever step of the way.

Personal Hormone & Nutrition Health Coach, Natania: One-On-One Sessions Strategically based on your Membership

Hormone Imbalance is often a little tricky when you know what you’re doing.  In fact, the more you know, the more you realize just how important every piece of the puzzle truly is.  Anyone can prescribe you Bioidentical Hormones.  But do they really know what they are doing?

Are they addressing the physical aspect of Hormone Balance?

Are they addressing the emotional aspect of Hormone Balance?

Are they addressing the nutritional aspect of Hormone Balance?

Are they overcoming your DNA weaknesses that affect the way you metabolize hormones?

And are your symptoms of Hormone Imbalance resolving?

Your coaching sessions are scheduled at strategic times throughout the year to assure you have complete understanding of the plan Dr. Karen has put together for you at each of your visits together.  Close follow up is one of our success secrets!  We are always here for you!

Though Dr. Karen is very thorough and excellent at assuring your comprehension and comfort with your plan, we understand that it’s hard to remember everything you discuss.  Sometimes you come up with an additional thought or new question. And on rare occasion, you wonder if your plan needs tweaked before your next visit with Dr. Karen. 

We have your back covered with your personal Health Coach, Natania!  Natania will review each plan with you, make sure any new questions are answered, and will assure you don’t miss a trick! 

In addition, during each of your private sessions with Coach Natania, you will discover just how intimate your Sex Hormones are with the health of your GUT.  While Sex Hormones play havoc on your GUT health, your GUT health can play havoc on your Sex Hormones.  

We’re not going to leave any stone left unturned.

During each of your private Health Coaching sessions, Natania will gently guide you to help keep you on tract with your nutrition while still finding the right balance to enjoy your favorite food and drink.  She will also be able to detect any needs you have that may require Dr. Karen’s attention before your next scheduled appointment with her.   

Medical Massage for Health & Hormone Balance, Allyson: Initial Musculoskeletal Assessment and Self Massage Instruction

Did you know that muscle tension can affect your Hormone Balance?

Your Musculoskeletal system can affect the blood flow and lymph drainage of your body.  When your muscles are tight, the vessels which travel through the muscle are being squeezed and crimped.  This reduces the flow of vital nutrients and hormones to all locations past the affected muscle. 

This is important for holistic Hormone Balance, and we aim to give you an important tool to assist in overcoming muscle tension.  Ms Allyson Mayer, LMT will help you understand how to perform self-massage on the common areas we often feel tension.  Acupressure Points are also reviewed during your time with Ms. Allyson.

If you are a Virtual Member and do not visit us in our Sarasota Office, Ms. Allyson will guide you through the self-massage practices and acupressure points during your one-on-one zoom conference. 

If you do receive care in our office, we know you will be salivating for more massage sessions with Ms Allyson.  Her 30 plus years’ experience in Medical Massage Therapy has earned her a reputation and a resultant long waiting list to be seen. 

However, Ms. Allyson has special reserved times specifically for Personal Wellness Medicine members – and that means you too!  In addition to getting a “front of the line” appointment to be cared for by Ms. Allyson, as a GOLD Member, you also receive 25% off all massage therapy sessions following your initial complimentary assessment and session.

When we say we take care of you… we mean it!

Women’s Midlife Specialist Creams, Vaginal Suppositories, and Pure Muscle: 15% SAVINGS OFF all WMS products, all year.

Young Hormones is the Original and most luxuriousbalanced bioidentical hormones available over the counter in America.  All creams with the same hormone ingredients, sold by other companies are copycats of the Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormones creams. 

Dr. Karen designed these creams following 20 plus years of master experience working with thousands of women, balancing hormones, tweaking doses, and optimizing each woman’s dose step by step. 

Today, Dr Karen works only through Personal Wellness Medicine’s Membership Programs – our GOLD, SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND PLATINUM Memberships.

Though at times Dr. Karen works with a skilled compounding Pharmacist, there may be times when Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormone™ Creams are best for you.  In these cases, we proudly offer our valued Members a 15% discount on all WMS products.  

Full Script Account: 15% SAVINGS OFF products, all year.

As you become wiser through your visits with Dr Karen and your private Health Coach Natania, you are sure to be looking for pharmaceutical grade supplements at the best cost. 

Full Script is an online website which carries 1000’s of supplements of only the highest grade.  You must be invited to open an account with Full Script through a Physician or Healthcare Provider. 

As a Member you will enjoy open access to Full Script with an ongoing 15% savings off all products Full Scripts carries.  And we make it even easier for you!  As you know, when it comes to supplements, it can become confusing and time consuming to choose the right ones.

We’re going to make this great!  You have access to Dr. Karen’s “Favorites” which help you pick and choose quickly and easily.  No more searching and comparing because we have already done this for you.

But that’s not the only exciting SAVINGS for you!

Designs for Health: 25% SAVINGS OFF ALL products, all year

Dr Karen is familiar with a number of high-quality supplement brands and is always keeping her eye out for the best products on the market for her patients and clients.  This is why we set you up with a Full Script account which allows you access to hundreds of quality brands! 

However, there is one brand that Dr. Karen has come to love and trust – Designs for Health.

And we have worked with DFH to give you an even greater savings for your Design for Health purchase needs!

You will have your own Designs for Health account to receive a full 25% off all Designs for Health products throughout the year.  This is your personal 25% Savings code that only you will be able to use for Designs for Health products.

30% Member Savings for “additional” one-on-one time with Dr. Karen, Health Coach Natania, or Massage Therapist Ms. Allyson

(above that included in your Membership Plan)

Your Membership Plan is designed to provide you ample time with Dr. Karen and Coach Natania.  However, sometimes LIFE happens, and the need to discuss your concerns with Dr. Karen or Coach Natania. 

As a member of Personal Wellness Medicine, You will receive a 30% SAVINGS for any additional visit/s with Dr. Karen, Coaching Session/s with Health Coach Natania. or Medical Massages with LMT Ms. Allyson.   

And we’re not finished yet!

I have two Bonuses you are going to LOVE!



Labs:  Vitamin D 25-OH, Total (D2, D3) (twice per year)

Retail Cost $75.00 each

Value Bonus:  $150.00


Dr Karen’s Sizzling Sex Series:

It’s time to have some fun and liven up your life!  Welcome to Dr. Karen’s:  Wake Up Ms. Clitoris! 5 Ways to Awaken Your Sleeping Beauty

Wake Up Ms. Clitoris!  5 Techniques to Awaken Your Sleeping Beauty

Unlike men, women’s bodies have the ability to experience frequent and multiple orgasms at any time.  However, Life today has us running at a far faster pace than ever before.  We are constantly being bombarded by a plethora of ongoing challenges and interruptions.

Instead of enjoying our Inherent Joys, we’re losing intimacy with the ones we love most, and lacking Orgasmic Joy.

This has taken a toll on our joy for life and our natural desire to experience intimacy and orgasms.  Women need to take back their right to enjoy intimate pleasure. 

Wake Up Ms. Clitoris will teach you 5 Different Techniques and Practices which will reignite your Sexual Health and bring it back into full swing.

This is Dr. Karen’s signature program that she has used to help 100’s of women reconnect with their passion and sexual desire.  This program will be offered only once during 2022, and YOU will have full open access to the entire program as a Thank You Gift for Joining Personal Wellness Medicine and putting your health and happiness at the top of your list.

It is Dr. Karen’s pleasure to share this with you as a bonus as a Personal Wellness Medicine Member.

Retail Value $ 497.00  (But really!  It’s PRICELESS!)


What Your Platinum Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Diamond Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Sapphire Schedule Looks Like …

What Your Gold Schedule Looks Like …

All Inclusive Testing Details