PWM Hormone Balance Programs

Sex Hormone Program:

Sex Hormones are the secret to our Youthfulness.  And we deserve to be Youthful and Vibrant for our ENTIRE life – not just half of it.  

Just 100 years ago, women went through menopause and then died shortly afterwards.  But not today.  TODAY we can live just as long AFTER menopause as we live BEFORE menopause.  (And that’s not counting the 10-15 years our hormones start to become imbalanced before menopause even starts!)

Masterful Hormone Balance is the secret to Anti-Aging! The sooner you start, the slower you age!

One of the most important things you need to know is how you metabolism your Estrogen. During the first month we test your DNA Estrogen Metabolism. All decisions regarding hormone replacement are dependent on your DNA Estrogen Results.

We also obtain initial Hormone levels during your first month.   We then re-test midyear to assure we are on track. 

Both the DNA Estrogen testing and your Hormone Testing are done in the comfort of your home.

After each test, Dr. Karen reviews your testing results with you one-on-one and creates a unique plan for you.

After Dr. Karen feels your hormones levels have balanced, you will then do Hormone Metabolism Testing which will assure your Bioidentical Hormone use along with your unique DNA has you metabolizing your hormones just right.

Every year as you watch others look older and act older… you’ll remain young, bright, and spirited.  You’ll be the envy and curiosity of your friends and family.

Sex Hormone Program $3,250 (Testing Value: $1,415)  

Thyroid Hormone Program

I bet you are wondering if your Thyroid Hormones are optimal or not! 

Do you know what the Thyroid Hormones do for you?

Your Thyroid Gland is THE end-organ master-regulator of Every Single Function in Every Single Cell in your body.  WOW!   

If you’re tired, imagine what your cells feel like!

But you went to the doctor, and he told you your thyroid was fine.  So, it must be something else.

Our work up is based on 4 Principles: Your DNA Thyroid results, Lab Values based on Functional Medicine guidelines, Levels of Toxic and Essential Elements in your body, and your Morning Body Temperature.

Dr. Karen uses these 4 Principles to determine the health of your Thyroid gland and what your Thyroid Function needs to work optimally, including Thyroid Hormone Supplementation. 

Balance is key here too!  Thyroid Hormone Balance is as important as Estrogen and Progesterone Balance!  We aim to not only optimize your Free T3 and Free T4 Hormones, but to also Balance them at the same time.

A very common problem with Thyroid Hormone Medications is that there are very few medications to choose from to achieve this Critical Balance of Free T4 and Free T3.  If necessary, Dr. Karen has individualized amounts of each T3 and T4 compounded in a Slow-Release Capsule to assure you have the perfect balance in Free T3 and Free T4 and your cells have what they need to function optimally!   

The function of your Thyroid is also dependent on specific Toxic and Essential Elements in your body. Such as Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium.** 

We Test!  Not Guess!

Thyroid Program $1,997 (Testing Value: $840)

Neurotransmitter Hormone Program

Neurotransmitter Balance is a critical piece to your overall health and happiness. A balance between your Stimulating Neurotransmitters (such as Dopamine and Norepinephrine) and Calming Neurotransmitters (such as Serotonin and GABA) allows you to be Relaxed, Calm and Focused at the same time.  

This is our Ultimate-Goal and provides the Physiological Baseline you must have to truly enjoy Being Present in the Moment, while simultaneously being able to Look toward the Future. 

Neurotransmitters are responsible for your moods – such as feeling Sad or Depressed, Unmotivated or Blah, Irritable, Angry or Anxious.  Imbalances can also cause you to have Poor Concentration, Foggy Thinking, Memory Loss and even Loss of Passion.

The first thing we need to do is test your Neurotransmitter levels. This is done in the comfort of your home with a first morning urine test. Dr. Karen treats neurotransmitter imbalances naturally. We then retest Neurotransmitter Levels to assure successful treatment.

It’s quite common for a Personal Wellness Member to share her amazement with feeling Balanced, Calm, and Joyful, after 30, 40, and even 50 years of feeling Stressed, Wired, and Worried.  We also see our Empath Members enjoy Freedom from Emotional Pain caused by other’s suffering.

Neurotransmitter Program $1,800 (Testing Value: $750)

HPA Dysregulation (AKA Adrenal Fatigue)

Hypothalamic – Pituitary – Adrenal Dysregulation

If you’re questioning if it’s normal to feel tired so frequently, even after sleeping all night, you’re probably entering into the HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) Dysregulation arena!

Some call it -Adrenal Fatigue.  And some call it – Chronic Fatigue.   And if muscle pain and soreness is a part of the picture… it may have progressed into Fibromyalgia (which we now refer to as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). 

How’s THAT for a mouthful?!  The reality is – IT IS a mouthful!  And it’s very serious.  It will steal your life away.

Whatever you call it, Every Functional Medical Physician Agrees – Adrenal Fatigue stems from an HPA Axis Dysregulation caused by a Multitude of Imbalances.

Unfortunately, very few know how to care for Adrenal Fatigue, and turn it around so you can start Living Your Life Again.  Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue results in feeling energized all day, focused on your projects, and motivated to accomplish your goals. 

Healing means feeling Worthy, Useful and Valuable!

Dr. Karen knows.  Over 20 years ago, she suffered from the worst of Adrenal Fatigue.  Today she states: “It’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” 

Adrenal Fatigue is a Medical Nightmare, is very serious, and doesn’t magically “go-away”.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Karen has helped thousands of women overcome the multiple causes of Adrenal Fatigue and is proud that this is her Gift to the World.

Often Adrenal Fatigue is the result of years of Stress and Multiple Hormone Imbalances.  And Adrenal Fatigue will also cause these challenges as well resulting in Sex Hormone Imbalances and Depletion, Thyroid Suppression and Neurotransmitter Imbalances.  

We attack Adrenal Fatigue Holistically and Comprehensively – because that’s the only RIGHT way to do it!

Sex Hormones, Thyroid Hormones, Neurotransmitter Hormones and Adrenal Hormone imbalances are all Tested!  Dr Karen goes through each one of these tests with you one on one – caring for you each step of the way – so you can Live your Life as you Imagined as a Younger Woman with Fun, Joy and Passion!

In addition, we test heavy metals, essential elements, diurnal testing of Free Cortisol, Free Cortisone, Melatonin, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine levels – which means each of these are measured at specific times throughout the day by both Saliva and Urine. All testing is performed 2x’s a year to assure we are on the perfect path.

All testing results are reviewed with you one-on-one with Dr. Karen and your unique plan is created specifically for you.

Rest assured, we guide you ever step of the way.

Adrenal Program $7,700 (Testing Value: $3,700)

GUT Health Program

GUT Health is at the core of Hormone Balance and Whole Body Immune Function.

Our Gut Health program includes 8 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with your Personal Health Coach during your GUT Cleanse. All products needed for your cleanse are included in your GUT Health Program. Following your GUT cleanse, you will meet with your Personal Health Coach monthly for 9 additional months.

Midyear GI Testing will be performed with 3 stool samples using the GI Map 360, the most advanced GUT Testing in the United States. Dr. Karen will review the GUT Health Testing with you one-on-one.

Gut Testing Program $2,800 (Testing and Product Value: $920)


Women’s Midlife Specialist Creams, Vaginal Suppositories, and Pure Muscle: 20% SAVINGS OFF all WMS products, all year.

Young Hormones is the Original and most luxurious balanced bioidentical hormones available over the counter in America.  All creams with the same hormone ingredients, sold by other companies are copycats of the Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormones creams. 

Dr. Karen designed these creams following 20 plus years of master experience working with thousands of women, balancing hormones, tweaking doses, and optimizing each woman’s dose step by step. 

Today, Dr. Karen works with patients and clients only through Personal Wellness Medicine’s Memberships and Programs. 

Though at times Dr. Karen works with a skilled compounding Pharmacist, there may be times when Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormone™ Creams are best for you.  In these cases, we proudly offer our valued Members a 20% discount on all WMS products.  

Full Script Account: 20% SAVINGS OFF products, all year.

As you become wiser through your visits with Dr Karen and your private Health Coach Natania, you are sure to be looking for pharmaceutical grade supplements at the best cost. 

Full Script is an online website which carries 1000’s of supplements of only the highest grade.  You must be invited to open an account with Full Script through a Physician or Healthcare Provider. 

As a Member you will enjoy open access to Full Script with an ongoing 20% savings off all products Full Scripts carries.  And we make it even easier for you!  As you know, when it comes to supplements, it can become confusing and time consuming to choose the right ones.

We’re going to make this great!  You have access to Dr. Karen’s “Favorites” which help you pick and choose quickly and easily.  No more searching and comparing because we have already done this for you.

But that’s not the only exciting SAVINGS for you!

Designs for Health: 20% SAVINGS OFF ALL products, all year

Dr Karen is familiar with a number of high-quality supplement brands and is always keeping her eye out for the best products on the market for her patients and clients.  This is why we set you up with a Full Script account which allows you access to hundreds of quality brands! 

However, there is one brand that Dr. Karen has come to love and trust – Designs for Health.

And we have worked with DFH to give you an even greater savings for your Design for Health purchase needs!

You will have your own Designs for Health account to receive a full 20% off all Designs for Health products throughout the year.  This is your personal 20% Savings code that only you will be able to use for Designs for Health products.

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