Genetic Testing and How We can Help You be Stronger, Happier and more Alive!

There are many genetic testing laboratories available for use today. We utilize the most comprehensive Nutrigenomic testing laboratory available in medicine – Nordic Labs in Denmark.   Nordic Labs Nutrigenomic testing is done in our office or in the comfort of your home through a simple cheek swab. 

Your genome and its associated SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are scientifically evaluated with specific focus on the genetic variants which have been found in research to have a significant impact on your body’s ability to carry out normal cell function.   This includes your body’s ability to process nutrients and supplements and perform normal immune function by carrying out day to day detoxification processes, and your mitochondria’s ability to make energy.  Believe it or not…  if you’re not feeling your best… your cells are not carrying out their day to day functions naturally and efficiently.  This testing is extremely beneficial to you.

A comprehensive analysis of the most critical 150 plus genes known today can be done through this DNA swab testing.  Each abnormal genetic finding gives us the opportunity to provide you with a Personal Wellness Plan that provides you with a comprehensive nutritional plan to overcome your specific identified genetic weaknesses.  This also allows us to confidently personalize your treatment with nutritional supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.  Occasionally follow up blood work to support the genetic findings are also recommended.  

Nutrigenomics, through the use of Genetic testing, will help you overcome the SNPs that are most critical to your body’s ability to function at an optimal level, circumventing potential health risks in your future – while also supercharging how you feel today. The critical information you gain from Nordic Labs genetic testing is like “looking into the future”!  Your particular genetic weaknesses are identified which allows us to provide you with a life changing plan.   

Ready to BE your Strongest, Happiest and Most Energized? 

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