Immune Function

Supercharging your Immune system is more Important NOW than ever!

 And the best place to start is in your GUT!

Your GUT health affects every aspect of your TOTAL Health! 

Your GUT is the Powerhouse of your Immune System – making up a whopping 70% of it.  A strong immune system means a longer, disease free life where you can live freely enjoying the fruits of your life-long labor.

Your GUT has a specialized part of its microbiome that metabolizes your Sex Hormones which means less risk of breast cancer and reduced menopausal symptoms.

Your GUT makes Neurotransmitters – communicating constantly with the Neurotransmitters in your Brain which directly affects how you think, feel and act.  A happy life is about how we think, feel and act.

Your GUT makes crucial vitamins such as Vitamin K and B12 and thus effects your blood clotting, bone density, nerve health, red blood cell production and many enzymatic functions in your body.

Your GUT has a direct influence on your body’s ability to lose weight… and GAIN weight.  Obesity has been directly linked to your GUT microbiome with obesity being the number one cause of Insulin Resistance, Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease and early death.

Your GUT influences your bone density and thus your strength.  Bone loss is a cause of weakness, falls and fractures which are a major cause of death.

Your GUT is a major influence on your development of allergies which stress your immune system and cause symptoms of fatigue, uncomfortable bloating, bowel disturbances and upper respiratory symptoms.

Your GUT health directly affects the feel, hydration and smoothness of your skin.  Acne, rosacea and eczema are directly related to impaired GUT health.

Nutrition and Hormone Balance is at the core of caring for your GUT health. 

And that starts with a Healthy Diet, a Diverse Microbiome

and a Strong GUT Lining with Tight Junctions.

What is a Healthy Diet?

Though we know the basics of a healthy diet, no single diet is right for everyone.  A Healthy Diet is individually determined by your Genome.  This is called Nutrigenomics.  We all have genetic weaknesses through SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and knowing where your particular weaknesses lie helps us determine the specific nutrients you need to support.

We also know that our GUT requires Human Mono-Oligosaccharides to help foster a healthy Microbiome. Breast milk supplies HMO’s.  In fact, they are considered so important that they are now a part of breast milk substitutes to help babies improve their GUT health and replace what they would be receiving from their mother had they been breast fed.

What is your Microbiome?

Your microbiome is your GUT’s complex ecosystem made up of billions of bacteria and is at the core of your Immune Systems ability to fight infections, balance hormones and neurotransmitters, maintain a healthy weight and fat to muscle composition, and keep inflammation within the body down to a minimum. 

Your personal Microbiome begins when you are born, and sometimes even before you are born.  If you were a breast-fed baby, you are lucky!  Because being breast fed strengthens your Microbiome.  Many of us were not breast fed because the benefits of breast feeding did not surface until the 1980’s.  Fortunately, there are ways to improve your Microbiome if you were not breast fed. 

What is a Strong GUT Lining with “Tight Junctions” and Why is it Important?

Your small intestine is the location of your GUT where you absorb most of your nutrients.  This part of the intestine is only ONE cell layer thick!  That’s as thin as it gets!  And this incredible “thinness” has major implications on absorbing the toxins from your food, drink, supplements and medications. 

The cells that make up this single-layer cell wall are interconnected to each other by something called “tight junctions” whose purpose is to keep the cells nice and tight – held together so that undigested food, toxins, waste material, bacteria, fungi, and viruses – cannot get through between the cells and into the bloodstream where they then cause havoc on our body and stress the Immune System.

There are actually four ways to get Toxins inside your body. 

1.  Breathe them in through the lungs.

2.  Absorb them through the skin.

3.  Inject them into the body with a needle.

4.  Eat or Drink them – absorbing them through your GUT.

Though breathing toxins in through your lungs is a major challenge in our lives today, eating and drinking substances full of toxins is extremely common.  Fortunately, this is very much in your control.  And by insisting on a strong and healthy GUT lining, you succeed in one major way to prevent toxins from entering your body. 

Here is a diagram showing you how tight junctions keep cells together and prevent toxins from entering your blood stream.

By strengthening the GUT, you help prevent Ulcers, Crohn’s Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Fatigue, Joint Pain, Migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Parasitic Infections, Candidiasis, Cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes. All of these diseases may very well have their origin in the intestines by way of harmful substances entering the body through breaks in the integrity of the mucosal wall of the intestines.

This is why we at Personal Wellness Medicine focus directly on your GUT health, the best diet and supplement plan for you as an individual, and make sure your GUT is armored with the protection your body needs and depends on – so you can recover from both the obvious symptoms stemming from a weakened Immune System, as well as many of the subtle symptoms most don’t even recognize as originating from Leaky Tight Junctions which permit toxins and allergens into the body.

It’s time to connect with Dr. Karen so you can Discover how to build your Immune System and ward off Toxins which affect how you feel today and how you’ll LIVE tomorrow. 

Reserve a Complimentary Call today to see how we at Personal Wellness Medicine can make you FEEL and BE your best self NOW… and change your entire future health and wellness. 

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