Membership Benefits & Bonuses


Women’s Midlife Specialist Creams, Vaginal Suppositories, and Pure Muscle: 20% SAVINGS OFF all WMS products, all year.

Young Hormones is the Original and most luxurious balanced bioidentical hormones available over the counter in America.  All creams with the same hormone ingredients, sold by other companies are copycats of the Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormones creams. 

Dr. Karen designed these creams following 20 plus years of master experience working with thousands of women, balancing hormones, tweaking doses, and optimizing each woman’s dose step by step. 

Today, Dr. Karen works with patients and clients only through Personal Wellness Medicine’s Memberships and Programs. 

Though at times Dr. Karen works with a skilled compounding Pharmacist, there may be times when Women’s Midlife Specialist Young Hormone™ Creams are best for you.  In these cases, we proudly offer our valued Members a 20% discount on all WMS products.  

Full Script Account: 20% SAVINGS OFF products, all year.

As you become wiser through your visits with Dr Karen and your private Health Coach Natania, you are sure to be looking for pharmaceutical grade supplements at the best cost. 

Full Script is an online website which carries 1000’s of supplements of only the highest grade.  You must be invited to open an account with Full Script through a Physician or Healthcare Provider. 

As a Member you will enjoy open access to Full Script with an ongoing 20% savings off all products Full Scripts carries.  And we make it even easier for you!  As you know, when it comes to supplements, it can become confusing and time consuming to choose the right ones.

We’re going to make this great!  You have access to Dr. Karen’s “Favorites” which help you pick and choose quickly and easily.  No more searching and comparing because we have already done this for you.

But that’s not the only exciting SAVINGS for you!

Designs for Health: 20% SAVINGS OFF ALL products, all year

Dr Karen is familiar with a number of high-quality supplement brands and is always keeping her eye out for the best products on the market for her patients and clients.  This is why we set you up with a Full Script account which allows you access to hundreds of quality brands! 

However, there is one brand that Dr. Karen has come to love and trust – Designs for Health.

And we have worked with DFH to give you an even greater savings for your Design for Health purchase needs!

You will have your own Designs for Health account to receive a full 20% off all Designs for Health products throughout the year.  This is your personal 20% Savings code that only you will be able to use for Designs for Health products.

Feel You Want Extra Time with Dr. Karen or Coach Natania?

During your Platinum Year, you will have a lot of time scheduled to be with Dr. Karen and Natania to review all your labs, develop your Health plan, discuss, and tweak your plan as needed, get your questions answered and enjoy professional coaching to keep you focused and on track. 

However, on occasion, members request additional time with either Dr. Karen or Coach Natania.  We want to make sure you have everything you need!  So, if you feel you could benefit from additional time other than the time your Platinum Membership offers, you can reserve additional time by contacting Ellen.  She will get you fixed up with what you need. 

✔️Need more time with Dr. Karen?   
As a member of Personal Wellness Medicine, you Save 25% OFF Dr. Karen’s Non-Member Rate of $500 per hour.

Dr. Karen:  Member Rate: $375.00 per hour

✔️Need additional time with Health Coach Natania?   
As a member of Personal Wellness Medicine, you Save 50% OFF Coach Natanias Non-Member rate of $150 per hour:

Coach Natania: Member Rate: $75.00 per hour