Adrenal Hormones

The Adrenal Glands are the most important glands in the Endocrine System.  They affect everything.  And this is why you may have heard that Adrenal System Dysfunction can cause fatigue, and in some cases, extreme exhaustion. 

If you have Adrenal Hormone Dysfunction, your Thyroid Hormones, Sex Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and Immune System are ALL being affected at the same time.

Your Adrenal Hormones play a role in helping your thyroid manage your metabolism and thus influence how you gain or lose weight, your sleep/wake cycle, your energy level, and the beauty of your hair and skin.

Your Adrenal Hormones influence the production of Sex Hormones and thus influence hot flashes, night sweats, moods, bloating and even your desire for sex.

Your Adrenal Hormones directly affect your brain chemistry by affecting the balance of your Neurotransmitters which then affect how you act and feel.  Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression are all associated with the function of your Adrenal System and its influence on your brain Neurotransmitters.

And then there is your Immune System – highly dependent on a strong Adrenal Hormone System to help you fight infections, inflammation and all forms of illness.

Both acute and chronic conditions activate your Adrenal System.  If you get sick, your Adrenal System is going to be working hard to help you recover. 

Acute medical conditions such as a heart attack, an asthma attack, a broken bone and so forth will call on your Adrenal Hormone System to help.  In these cases, a strong Adrenal System will assist the body in healing and will then return to normal or provide a new normal baseline. However, if you do not have a strong Adrenal System, healing from any acute medical illness will be far more difficult, and further weaken your Adrenal Glands.

Chronic medical conditions cause ongoing stress to your Adrenal System.  And the very system that is supposed to help you recover – can become sick itself. 

For example, about 10% of all COVID-19 cases suffer with Post COVID Syndrome.  This is an example of an infection which is no longer infectious but is still requiring the Adrenal System to remain over-activated.  This results in Adrenal System Dysfunction with resultant long term fatigue which may never recover without healing the Adrenal System first. 

Then there is another cause of Adrenal Dysfunction.  One that is very common – Mental and Emotional Stress.  Today, with significant changes in lifestyle, it has become increasingly difficult to escape the Physical, Mental and Emotional Challenges of Life.  Life is just “not so simple” anymore.  These lifestyle changes cause significant Adrenal Stress.

Adrenal Dysfunction is serious.  It lies at the core of being and staying well.  And without a strong Adrenal System ready to fight for your health at a moment’s notice, your future health is uncertain.

We at Personal Wellness Medicine know how to care for and heal your Adrenal Hormone System.  And we’re ready to help You.

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