Hormone Metabolism DNA testing

Your Genetic Estrogen Code

Imagine Being Able to Take Control of your Future!

You have the POWER to REVERSE the process of aging by discovering How your body Metabolizes Estrogen!

You already know how Estrogen has the ability to DECREASE

  • Memory Loss
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • AND Even Breast Cancer

And the SECRET to how well you ANTI-AGE is HIDDEN in your DNA! It’s Called Epigenetics!

You are an Individual!
Your DNA is Unique to You!

Did You Know, your DNA DICTATES how you process and metabolize Estrogen?

Did you know that how you process estrogen has everything to do with the BENEFITS (and RISKS) of Estrogen?


  • Discover How to Prevent Breast Cancer based on Your DNA.
  • Reveal how YOUR DNA is Metabolizing Estrogen.
  • Find Out exactly what Nutritional Plan you need in order to Ensure Healthy Estrogen Metabolism.
  • Find Out exactly what supplements you need, (and DON’T NEED), based on your Individual DNA.

Did you KNOW?

A majority of breast cancer occurs in women with NO FAMILY HISTORY of it!

Estrogen gene testing and working with Dr. Karen, changes the feeling of Uncertainty to PURE CONFIDENCE!

By using the most advanced DNA Testing available today, Dr. Karen can help you understand exactly what you need to do to overcome any identified genetic risks your DNA testing discovers. Now is the time to Properly Metabolize Estrogen to “reverse aging” and avoid cancer.

Based on Your Own DNA

👍 Discover the risks you inherited that you have POWER to easily change and overcome.
👍 Don’t allow yourself to succumb to what you COULD have prevented!
👍 Know exactly what supplements you need to decrease your risk of breast cancer.
👍 Be confident for the rest of your life that you are using bioidentical hormones properly.
👍 Be empowered with knowledge you can pass down to your children and grandchildren!
👍 Feel GREAT being young and alive using  Bioidentical Hormones to protect yourself from memory loss, heart disease and obesity! 

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You can now possess the ULTIMATE knowledge every woman (and man) should have! How your DNA is processing hormones! Dr. Karen is a Certified Epigenetics physician to help you get the Anti-Aging benefits of your precious hormones while preventing risks associated with abnormal estrogen metabolism.

One on One Coaching with Dr. Karen Leggett!

My Offer to You!
“Work with me intimately to discover through Your DNA testing which Estrogen metabolism weaknesses you have on your DNA. You will receive a Personalized Nutritional, Supplement, and Lifestyle plan to overcome your DNA Estrogen metabolism weaknesses so you can live Your Life in Confidence – Energized, Focused and Alive!”

Dr. Karen Leggett

Epigenetics Certified Physician

Dr. Karen Leggett
Board Certified | Family Medicine

Board Certified Geriatric Medicine

Fellowship Trained in Nutrition, Metabolism and Endocrinology.

CEO and Founder Women’s Midlife Specialist.

Developer of Young Hormones and the Happy Hoo Hoo

CEO and Founder of Personal Wellness Medicine.

Your Coaching call with Dr. Karen will include:

  • The most accurate DNA Testing available today (Available only through Epigenetics Certified Physicians).
  • 90 minutes one-on-one Zoom call with Dr. Karen.
  • Identify your key genes involved in metabolizing Estrogen and related compounds.
  • Identify your Personal risk factors in Detoxification, Methylation, and Oxidation of Estrogen.
  • Receive intervention strategies to overcome your personal risk factors.
  • Receive Hormone, Nutritional, and Supplement Recommendations to improve Estrogen metabolism.

Here’s what our Amazing Group of Woman are saying about DNA Testing!

Amazing Discoveries are made here!

Once your DNA has returned to me, I’ll evaluate the results and review those results with you one on one in our call together. I share with you what will help you overcome the genetic weaknesses you have inherited from your parents. I am 100% sure that you will be so pleased and shocked at all the things that I help you with!

Invest in You!

Total Investment $997

Bonus DNA Thyroid

DNA Thyroid is a single critical SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) which tells me how you are converting your T4 thyroid hormone to the most active thyroid hormone T3.

There is one genetic SNP that prevents those who have it from adequately converting their thyroid hormone (T4) into the most active form for adequate metabolism.

What makes this critical is that most thyroid deficiencies are treated with only T4 – a medication called Levothyroxine – or Synthroid.  To add to the problem, most doctors only check TSH and if you are lucky your doctor checks TSH and Free T4.  

But if you have this genetic weakness then these labs will not tell the whole story.  You can have adequate T4, but will not be converting that T4 to T3 which is 4 times as strong as T4 and critical for every organ in your body.

We can fix this once and for all by discovering YOUR Thyroid DNA!

And I want to ADD this valuable DNA Thyroid to your DNA Estrogen as a BONUS to your DNA Genetic Estrogen Code as my gift.

Fill Out the following information to reserve your spot to work with Dr. Karen to Discover your DNA Estrogen Metabolism (and DNA Thyroid Bonus) here: