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Personal Wellness Medicine Founder and CEO: 

Meet Dr. Karen and How Personal Wellness Medicine came to Fruition.

Karen Leggett, DO

Personal Wellness Medicine, LLC is a full-service Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Clinic, founded by Dr. Karen Leggett, a veteran integrative medicine physician who has cared for the most complicated patients since graduating medical school in 1999.  We utilize advanced Anti-Aging testing and treatments including DNA genome testing, Epigenetics, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Advanced Hormone Restoration, Detoxification, Targeted Amino Acid treatments, Individualized Nutrition and Supplementation, as well as Physical and Mental techniques for Strengthening and Resiliency.

After an initial career as a puppeteer and mobile children’s theater owner, Dr. Karen received her Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies at the University of Central Florida in 1994, making sure that her premed requirements were mixed with art and speech classes.  She then received her medical degree from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999 at the age of 39.  She completed a residency in Family Medicine at the University of New England followed by a fellowship in Geriatrics at Florida Hospital, now Advent Health System, in Orlando, FL.  Following completion of her fellowship in 2003, she moved to Siesta Key where her family vacationed when she was a child, and she and her husband, David, spent their honeymoon.

Dr. Karen is currently double board certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics. She has been attending conferences by the American Academy of Anti-Aging since 1999 and has been a fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging since 2016.  

Dr. Karen has also been on staff teaching didactic and clinical medicine at Florida State Medical School and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she designed the geriatric curriculum for second year LECOM medical students.

Dr. Karen has always been committed to caring for patient populations most ignored in conventional medicine.  In 2003, Dr. Karen opened her first medical practice, Leggett Medical Group, Inc., which today is made up of a team of five dedicated providers, caring for our most vulnerable elderly population in their homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. 

In 2012, Dr. Karen allowed Leggett Medical Group to morph into a specialty geriatric practice and founded Women’s Midlife Specialist, Inc. to separate care for midlife women (and often their spouses) for hormonal imbalances.  In 2014, she founded a free educational website focused on hormone balance and the unique challenges women go through. In 2017, Dr. Karen launched Young Hormones ™ an exquisite line of bioidentical hormones and vaginal suppositories available over the counter for midlife women.  Young Hormones™ creams and suppositories have now helped tens of thousands of women in every state across America. 

Dr. Karen is also a best-selling author of Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy, which hit the Amazon Best-selling list in 4 different categories where Dr. Karen shared how to balance sex hormones with bioidentical hormones in “Get Energized, Focused, and Downright Sexy Now.”  As much as Dr. Karen loves the variety she has between her different medical entities, she also enjoys teaching, writing and speaking and has provided hundreds of lectures to physicians, physicians in training, nurse practitioners and to the public.

Dr. Karen has been married for 40 years and has one son, an incredible daughter-in-law and three grandchildren – twin nine-year-olds and one six-year-old.   She is a fierce animal and nature lover and enjoys both the beach and countryside trying to divide her free time equally between both.  She has an adorable 15-year-old Russian Toy Terrier pup – born in Russia and a favorite to all at the office!  She is all of 3 and a half pounds.  Dr. Karen also recently rescued a 5-year-old Old English Sheepdog who is coming along beautifully and the silliest dog you can imagine. 

Dr. Karen feels blessed with her mother living nearby, now age 87, and had the opportunity to have her father live to the age of 98.  She has 3 siblings, all older and as dedicated (beyond retirement years) to their careers as she is.  When Dr. Karen isn’t working, you will probably find her concocting a new recipe, planning for an event she’s hosting, reading something medical in her pink She Shed, playing on a new piece of exercise equipment, or most definitely, snuggling with one of her dogs.  David fits in there, too!

Meet Diane

Diane Frankle APRN CCRN

Diane is Personal Wellness Medicine’s Beauty Expert!  Diane has 30 years working in Plastic Surgery as a nurse anesthetist and master of Botox and Filler applications.  She is also a graduate of Women’s Hormone Specialist™ mentorship, so she truly understands the whole picture!  Diane shares her expertise with our Personal Wellness Medicine patients and brings her special skills at scheduled “beauty events”.

When Diane isn’t working, she’s likely walking on the beach, making her own wine (and drinking it), rescuing dogs at any dog shelter within driving distance, and collecting eggs from her variety of chickens she houses in her back yard by the pool!

Meet David

David Leggett

David is Dr. Karen’s better half.  He’s also equal partner to Dr. Karen in everything they do.  He helped Dr Karen when they were in their twenties with her puppet business, and he’s helped her with every venture since!  Without David, Dr Karen says she’d never open her own practice – let alone three of them! 

David’s the guy that manages everything.  He’s easy to talk to if you have any need to discuss concerns or have the need to set up a payment plan.  He has a big heart even though he doesn’t admit it.  He’s also a great dog babysitter because he loves their dogs as much as she does (even though he doesn’t admit that either!) 

When David isn’t working… he’s enjoying eating out for daily brunch, staying up on the news, reading about American History, the Science of the Universe, and Classic Cars, fixing things around the house, and watching old TCM movies.  David is the one who “sits on” Dr. Karen when she is over-extending herself.  He’s the only one that has success with that! It actually works sometimes!

Meet Millie

Millie Murphy

Millie is David’s right hand person.  She divides her attention to many office duties from phones, faxes, emails, billing and shipping.  She is the first voice you hear and first face you see!  Millie is very understanding to your needs.  She treats everyone with utmost respect and understands that many medical experiences people have had in the past are not always positive.  So she works hard to give you a great experience every time you contact us.

When Millie isn’t working, she’s painting rocks and giving them to others, playing with her grandkids, camping with her hubby and dreaming about her dream home they’re building in Tennessee.  When COVID dies down she’ll be back on the dance floor line dancing to country music!

Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Collins

Yvonne is Dr. Karen’s Creative Director.  You’d think medicine was all about ordering labs, meeting with patients and writing prescriptions.  But there’s a big part that Dr. Karen does at Personal Wellness Medicine in addition to what other doctors do.  She writes, teaches, and produces new programs and videos.  Someone has to take all of Dr. Karen’s creative work and make e-books, infographics, easy to use online portal systems, newsletters and websites and make them beautiful too!  Not to mention, keep them up to date!  That’s Yvonne! 

When Yvonne isn’t working, you’ll probably find her camping with her family and dogs, kayaking, driving her JEEP in the mud, watching her sons play sports, at church, or visiting her parents.

Meet Peggy 

Peggy Moore

Peggy is Dr Karen’s “fun assistant”.  She’s also Dr. Karen’s editor.  Peggy works between Women’s Midlife Specialist, Inc. and Personal Wellness Medicine, LLC.  She corrects Dr. Karen’s grammatical errors and tries to teach an old dog new tricks.  It doesn’t work most of the time. 

Peggy is also Dr. Karen’s partner in crime when Dr. Karen creates recipes and specialty detox drinks.  She also helps Dr. Karen when she’s stuck in the research and development of a new idea or program by being Dr. Karen’s brainstorming partner.

When Peggy isn’t working, she’s creating amazing recipes and meals, decorating, researching and creating new DIY projects including professional ways to renovate a major house project, working in the yard and dreaming about her future travel plans.

How Personal Wellness Medicine was Born:

Dr. Karen has had a commitment to holistic medicine all of her life.  Her mother was her true inspiration.  She seemed to love all the same things her mother loved growing up.  Nutrition was always in the forefront of her childhood and when Dr. Karen was in her twenties, her mother was one of the first women ever to use bioidentical hormones more than 35 years ago! This was long before most physicians had ever heard of bioidentical hormones and Premarin and Prempro were the “drugs of choice” for menopause! 

However, Dr Karen’s belief in Anti-Aging medicine came to its strongest test when at the age of 39 she found herself struggling with profound fatigue.  She knew that what she was experiencing could not be normal.  She could barely get her day started, feeling exhausted all day long.  She had no energy for her family and felt like withdrawing from everyone and everything.  She was most certain that she had a serious illness, at worse, possibly cancer. 

Dr. Karen feared losing everything she had worked for and felt her life slipping away.  She even felt distant from the man who had been by her side every minute since she was 21 years old, her husband, David.  She sought the help of an oncologist who reviewed her symptoms and ordered appropriate testing.  She underwent a full body CT scan, bone scan and blood work.  Fortunately, all of the testing was negative.  Nothing could be identified to explain Dr. Karen’s suffering.  She was told that she was perfectly “normal”.

It was at this time that Dr. Karen realized that she needed to learn everything she could about fatigue and how to overcome what was causing her significant debilitation and stealing her precious time and dreams. She devoted her attention to learning Anti-aging / Regenerative and Functional Medicine, focusing on treating sex, stress and thyroid hormone imbalances as well as nutritional deficiencies, toxins and gut health and hormone imbalance.  She put everything she learned into practice for herself and within 3-4 months, she had regained most of her spirit, energy and zest for life. 

It was then the true meaning behind Dr. Karen’s love for helping women – was realized.  Through her own healing, she found that every Woman’s Greatest Gift is simply that she IS a woman, and that women most often hold the key to the happiness of their relationships, and, in turn, change the World for the Better. 

After caring for hundreds of women from all over the country, Dr. Karen realized that many women are experiencing similar midlife challenges and go without help because they have been given mis-information about midlife challenges simply because the vast number of physicians have no advanced training in Anti-Aging / Functional Medicine.  For the most part, conventional physicians are recommending outdated information to all women, regardless of their particular needs, leaving most women in the world without proper care.

This realization led Dr. Karen to start an on-line free educational website for Women’s Midlife Specialist, followed by a comprehensive year-long mentorship program designed specifically for nurse practitioners, where Dr. Karen’s teaches her unique approach to the ART of Balancing Hormones.

Today this has blossomed further into Personal Wellness Medicine, a fully supported Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine Clinic for women (and their men) in Sarasota, Florida.

Though we care for many complicated medical conditions at Personal Wellness Medicine, such as Autoimmune Diseases, Post Viral Syndrome (including Post COVID Syndrome) Memory Loss, Heart and Lung Conditions, Sleep Apnea, Depression, Anxiety, etc., The ART of Balancing Hormones has become the true gem of Personal Wellness Medicine,  because the body depends on optimal Hormone balancing in ALL aspects of Anti-Aging and ALL aspects of healing from chronic medical conditions.