gold Plan

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re a Member of GOLD! 

I’m super excited for you because you chose to take Action with self-care toward both your DNA weaknesses AND GUT Health / Stool / Microbiome Discoveries and have me design a Personalized Wellness Plan just for you!  We’ll also have time to connect and go over this plan so you can wrap your head around what you need to do to optimize your health right now and prevent disease and rapid aging in the future.

GOLD Plan will empower you to immediately take action and control the outcome of your future!  What greater power can you have than that?

Your Personalized Wellness Plan will be completely individualized to YOUR needs and testing results. 

Here are the highlights of your GOLD PLAN!

Creating an individualized Nutritional, Supplemental and Lifestyle plan based on your DNA Nutrigenomic Testing and personal needs.

Your diet is without a doubt the single most important aspect of your health. You need good eating habits in place to reduce the effects of illness and achieve and maintain your healthiest, happiest and most vibrant life!

For some this means making a few minor adjustments.  And for others, this can mean a complete Nutritional overhaul. Sometimes these overhauls come with habit restructuring and a full pantry purge. 

Our time together will focus on understanding your Genetic findings and the optimal nutrition to overcome the weaknesses discovered and provide you a plan to eat and live in the most optimized way to Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and Support your body’s need to carry out normal cellular functions to assist your body in healing from current health challenges and avoid future health threats.

Your DNA nutrigenomics testing helps guide the plan that is right for you as an individual. 

*Discovering your GUT and Microbiome Health and Healing Leaky GUT!

An unhealthy GUT may go unnoticed because the symptoms seem completely unrelated to the GI system.  Common examples of Leaky GUT include skin condition, mood symptoms, intermittent fatigue, sinus problems, bloating, intolerance to Bioidentical Hormones, and even immune dysfunction such as an overactive immune system resulting in an autoimmune disorder or an underactive immune system resulting in feeling under the weather frequently. 

Our time together will include reviewing your Doctor’s Data GI 360 – the most comprehensive Stool Testing available using PCR testing, Culture and Sensitivities on the Pathogens discovered through culture and sensitivity.  GI 360 also includes an extensive look at your Microbiome and offers us insight into improving the good flora and optimizing the BIOME that support the development and sustenance of an optimal Microbiome. 

Reviewing your GI 360 will result in your understanding the next steps to take to assure a healthy GUT.  An Elimination Diet, a GUT cleanse, care with natural substances to resolve a parasitic or bacterial infection are all possible outcomes that could result from reviewing your GI 360.  Or your results may simply show the need for improved digestion, increased soluable or resistant starch fiber or even higher levels of medium chain fatty acids.  That’s what I love about this testing.  It really helps you know what you need to do to achieve a healthy GUT.

This report will also help your physician should there be something significant that should be reviewed with a medical professional.

I hope this gives you a good look at your amazing decision to take care of yourself with the GOLD PLAN!   I look forward to helping you with your Personalized Wellness Plan and spending some valuable time together as well!