GI map 360 testing plan (without program)

The GI MAP 360 is for you if you need stool testing but feel you do not need a GUT Cleanse and the support from Coach Natania in our GUT Health Program.  

The GI MAP 360 is the most advanced functional medicine stool testing available in the United States.  It assesses the health of your microbiome, your GUT immune function, your digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as identifies any pathogens such as bacteria, virus, yeast, and parasites.

Dr Karen will review your GI MAP 360 one-on-one with you and offer you recommendations to improve your GUT and GUT Immune System.

GI MAP 360 Testing & Plan:
Member Rate:  $1,200.00  ($200.00 savings off Non-Member’s Rate:  $1,400.00)