Genetic Testing versus Nutrigenomic Testing

Genetic testing for diseases DOES exist!  In fact, the FDA has approved testing for specific genes associated with 10 different diseases and conditions. 

But there is controversy on whether or not you should have testing to assess your genetic risk for these conditions.  Most Conventional doctors will say “No”. 

The reason behind the controversy is because if your DNA is determined to have a gene variant that is associated with a particular disease, it does NOT mean you are destined to get the disease.

For example, you may be familiar with the breast cancer BRCA gene that Angelina Jolie found that her genome carried. She made the decision to have her breast tissue removed, which was solely based on her family history and what she felt was best for herself. 

But this was very controversial, and some even criticized her for her decision because not all women with the BRCA gene will end up with breast cancer. 

The same is true for the APO-E4 gene.  This gene is associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.  But 40-60% of the population actually have this gene, even though far less than that percentage have or ever will develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

So, testing for genes that are associated with certain conditions certainly can help you stay focused on a lifestyle that will support your health. And can be a very useful tool taking good care of yourself.  And it will keep you motivated to learn more about what your body needs.

But there is another way to achieve this while also accomplishing so much more!

By knowing what gene variants your genome carries, and identifying what problem that particular gene variant causes at a molecular level, this type of testing can change the course of a known disease, such as breast cancer associated with BRCA and Alzheimer’s Disease associated with APO-E4, as well as give you the information you need to avoid many other conditions that are influenced by that same gene variant.

This type of genetic testing is called Nutrigenomics.  And not only can this help you change the course of your future, Nutrigenomics can change the way you feel today

Nutrigenomics identifies which gene variant your genome carries AND shows specifically what that variant does at the molecular level.  That means you have information on how a particular gene variant is affecting your cells.  This empowers everyone!  It allows us to design a personal wellness plan for you so that you can counteract the effects of your genetic weaknesses.

Isn’t that a lot better than allowing things to unknowingly happen inside of your body which could be causing problems for your health right now?

We’re ready to take you to the next level of health – and keep you there!

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