Why am I experiencing rapid aging

With all the evidence pointing to the safety and efficacy of balanced physiological hormones, you can stay ahead of the game and truly Feel Youthful and Joyful throughout Your life!

I’ve been sharing this message for over 18 years with women and helping them achieve balanced hormones and the importance of Nutrition. Through a labor of Love, I was able to realize my dream of reaching out beyond my Private Practice to reach Women everywhere!

I recognize that You are Best Equipped to Take Care of Yourself! YOU know Your History and Your body better than anyone else knows it. And You can determine what is right or wrong for you better than anyone else!

And I Know the Medical Side! For You to Be the Woman You Imagined when You were 20 years old – We Really Need Each Other! I need YOU – to share my knowledge. And You need ME – to help you Discover what you need!

For most women over 40 who are having intermittent or even chronic struggles with what many consider an “illness” or an “aging issue”, BOTH your Hormone Imbalances AND your Nutritional Deficiencies need to be Fixed! They are both critical players!

Most medical conditions can turn around completely with natural treatments!

If you Treat Your Body with Care … Your Body will Regain its Health and Your Suffering will Go Away!

On the other hand, if you just keep ignoring the ROOT CAUSE of your suffering, you are going to just keep suffering.

Plain and simple: If you are over 40, MOST of the common frustrations women deal with are caused by Hormones and Nutrient Deficiencies. Your hormones are declining… you know that. And based on USDA reports, you are also likely Depleted in many Vitamins and Minerals as well! That is a Double Whammy we midlife women must contend with!

And the truth is – it’s FIXABLE!

Did you know that ALL of the following conditions are almost ALWAYS reversible without a single drug?

Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bone Loss, Depression, Digestive Issues, Fatigue, Frequent Infections, Hair Loss, Headaches, Memory Loss, Sluggish Thyroid and even Weight Gain! That’s right! REVERSIBLE – completely Naturally!

Why are they Reversible Naturally? Because these conditions aren’t Medical Illnesses the way most think of a “medical illness”! Instead, these are symptoms CAUSED by Nutrient Deficiencies AND Hormone Imbalances!

For the vast majority of us, the nutrients that we receive from our diet are far from what we really need for optimal health. And most of us are not doing anything about it.

Every time we eat processed foods, drink more than 1 glass of alcohol a day (which may actually be too much for some people), forget about our 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, eat processed grains lacking hefty fiber, and consume an imbalance of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 oils, as well as consume oils that are already rancid or made rancid by improper processing, storage and use, we’re hurting our body.  

When we eat at (most) restaurants or eat non-organic foods, we know they are full of toxic pesticides, and likely GMO sourced foods.  And every time we eat meat from sources given hormones and fed unhealthy diets, we are just pretending to ourselves that our body will be fine and our liver is strong enough to detoxify the toxins and chemicals we’re eating.   But it’s not true. Our body suffers every single time we do this. And eventually our body is going to rebel.

As I have dug deeper and deeper into the hormonal balance and nutritional deficiencies of specific medical “illnesses”, I have realized that I really want to share with you so that you can integrate them into your life.  YOU’RE in Charge!

How You Feel inside controls how you Think and Act. And our Hormones play a huge role in how we Feel.

It affects your family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. How you Feel is Critical to not only Your World, but the World of the people you Love.

Don’t allow Midlife Hormone Changes to Change You!

With all the evidence pointing to the safety and efficacy of balanced physiological hormones, you can stay ahead of the game and truly Feel Youthful and Joyful throughout Your life!

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