Additional time

Feel You Want Extra Time with Dr. Karen or Coach Natania?

During your Platinum Year, you will have a lot of time scheduled to be with Dr. Karen and Natania to review all your labs, develop your Health plan, discuss, and tweak your plan as needed, get your questions answered and enjoy professional coaching to keep you focused and on track. 

However, on occasion, members request additional time with either Dr. Karen or Coach Natania.  We want to make sure you have everything you need!  So, if you feel you could benefit from additional time other than the time your Platinum Membership offers, you can reserve additional time by contacting Ellen.  She will get you fixed up with what you need. 

✔️Need more time with Dr. Karen?   
As a member of Personal Wellness Medicine, you Save 25% OFF Dr. Karen’s Non-Member Rate of $500 per hour.

Dr. Karen:  Member Rate: $375.00 per hour

✔️Need additional time with Health Coach Natania?   
As a member of Personal Wellness Medicine, you Save 50% OFF Coach Natanias Non-Member rate of $150 per hour:

Coach Natania: Member Rate: $75.00 per hour