Did you know that women possess a WONDERFUL gift that is often overlooked?  

And there’s a good chance you aren’t even aware of it yourself?

  • You were born with it.
  • It exists as the core of your being.
  • It influences the happiness of those you love.
  • It was given to you without you even asking for it.
  • And it is far more powerful than anything else you possess. 

Just by being a woman, you were blessed with this gift.  And believe it or not, you can change the World with it, too.  In fact, you are influencing people around you every day with this gift right now. 

What gift?

It’s Your inherent ability to change how people feel

through the love, inspiration and guidance

you give to others

when you are feeling your best.

It’s obvious when you’re well rested, free of anxiety, full of vibrant energy, confident with how you look, feeling passionate about your purpose!  You’re loving life – and it shows!  You wear off on others and make them feel alive and vibrant, too! 

You’re a glowing energy-orb of goodness!

I like to say that you control the aura of your environment with how YOU feel.

It’s the most priceless gift given to you – and the most priceless gift you can share with others!

But what happens if you don’t feel fabulous? 

  • What if you’re dealing with stress, worry or anxiety? 
  • What if you believe that your memory is declining?  
  • What if you can’t get a good night sleep on a regular basis? 
  • What if you feel inhibited because you don’t like the way you look?   
  • What if you have lost your passion, drive and excitement for intimacy?
  • What if you have annoying hot flashes that suddenly take over day and night?
  • What if you’re just exhausted, and wonder if you’ll ever feel like your old self again?
  • And… is there anything at all that can be done to stop wrinkles, hair loss, saggy skin and muscle loss? 

It’s obvious what happens when you’re not feeling your best! 

When we don’t feel our best, instead of changing our environment for the good… we influence its mood in a negative way.  And that’s awful! No loving woman wants to do that!

That’s another reason it’s so important that we feel as wonderful as we can! 

We need to feel vibrant, beautiful, and sexy! 

And have energy that soars through the air

and a heart that sings out loud!

This is why we are here for you.  To help you feel your absolute best so you can give your gifts to the World like you were meant to do. 

We develop a unique and personalized Anti-Aging plan for you that restores your physical and mental health to your more youthful years, strengthen your emotional resilience 10-fold, and halts the decline of rapid aging by slowing the process down to a mere trickle.

We can’t stop the entire process of aging, but we sure can slow it way down.

With 20 years experience of having cared for thousands of women nationwide, integrating Advanced Testing Techniques, Nutrigenomics, Natural Hormone Balance and Restoration, Detoxification, Targeted Amino Acid therapy, Individualized Nutrition, and providing Personal Attention and Support, we pride ourselves in being one of the foremost women’s Health & Hormone Specialty Clinics in America. 

It starts with you.  When you are your best, you truly make the World a better place.

Click here to see more about how we can make a huge difference in your life… and therefore in the lives of those you love.  It starts right here with YOU!


A personal letter from Dr. Karen for you:

Hi there! 

I’m Dr. Karen Leggett, a board-certified physician in family medicine and geriatrics.  Welcome to The Personal Wellness Medicine, LLC. website, where we help women (and sometimes their men) optimize and balance their entire hormonal system, detox their body and GUT, lose weight for good and supercharge their immune system through the most up to date Anti-Aging testing and treatments available today!  This means no more hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, irritability and sleep disturbances!  And if you have pain or autoimmune processes creeping up, we can help with that too! 

This is my husband David, and he’s in charge of the tech support and taking care of me!  Plus, he’s super cute, sweet, and I like him (just a little!)  Inka is one of our adorable fur babies who does a really good job of hanging out with us and keeping us focused on what is most important in life. Together, with an awesome support team, we’re your specialists for all your midlife hormone changes (and stuff!)

I’ve spent the last 20 years helping and supporting midlife women with balancing their sex (reproductive) hormones, stress (adrenal) hormones, thyroid (metabolic) hormones, and GUT (digestive) hormones so they can regain their young little chick spirits.

Our programs will have you sleeping like a baby and feeling carefree and recharged with energy and passion so you can truly love your life, enjoy the day to day joys of living, and successfully live out the dreams and aspirations you’ve always had and know you can achieve, to make your world a better place. 

I practice what I teach!  Because I know that we women control the aura of our environment!  How we act is dependent on how we feel, so you have to feel great to really achieve your goals!  I had to learn this the hard way, but I am so thankful now for the suffering that I went through, because it led me to my passion today, to help YOU.

My story might sound familiar to you.  Twenty years ago I was suffering from profound fatigue with a total loss of passion for life.  I was devastated over how I felt and knew it wasn’t normal, or at least it shouldn’t be.  Having always been a happy, carefree, and loving person, I was turning into a spiritless robot, going to work every day without excitement and joy in my heart.  Every day was a struggle.  Though I remained focused on my patients’ needs, I felt a distance growing between me and those most important to me, including my beloved husband and son, with whom I had once shared a close relationship.  I suffered with terrible insomnia, anxiety, had no interest in my previously loved hobbies of gardening, shelling, ceramics and sewing.  I couldn’t even focus long enough to watch a movie, would have preferred to avoid sex, and found most of my comfort petting my dog and focusing on my patients’ problems.  My love for the holidays was so absent that I volunteered to do hospital rounds during the holidays to avoid Christmas.

Christmas 2001 in a hotel near the hospital where we stayed so I could quickly get to the hospital for any ICU admissions.  You may not be able to tell, but I was sad and exhausted in this picture.  I wondered if the life I knew as a spirited, happy woman were over.

When I look at this picture now, I even see sadness and lack of energy in my son and husband’s spirit.  That isn’t a surprise to me now.  Hindsight is 20-20.  And I understand the power that the woman holds for her entire family’s happiness, energy and spirit. 

I was fortunate.  I was a physician and knew that what I was feeling could not be explained through conventional medicine.  The only explanation left for me at that point would have to come from an oncology work up.  I talked with an oncologist friend of mine and told him I was fearful that I had a hidden cancer causing my symptoms.  He ordered a panel of tests to look for a possible cause of my fatigue.  Bone scan, CT scans and blood work fortunately were all negative.  It was at this time that I realized there wasn’t anything traditional medicine could do for me and it would be up to me to get my life back.

I started going to every conference available to physicians by the American Academy of Anti-aging and focused on all of the possible issues related to fatigue.  I focused on how to test and balance sex hormones and treat with bio-identical hormones, diagnose and treat Adrenal Fatigue, treat metabolic conditions related to hidden thyroid disorders, and diagnose and treat leaky gut syndrome.

I put everything I learned into practice for myself, and in an extremely short period of time, I was completely recovered from the fatigue, total exhaustion and lack of passion, anxiety and irritability that I had been suffering from relentlessly.

Less than a year later, not only is there life in my own eyes, my family is happy again.

Thanksgiving 2002, fully healed, vibrant and passionate for life and my family.

Each year I grow stronger, more vibrant, more productive and more beautiful.  My relationships continue to grow, and my career continues to prosper and expand.  My discovery changed not only my life, but changed my career and passion for medicine.  As I healed, patients living hours away would find themselves at my office for help, sometimes a decade after seeking help from many other physicians.  The rest is history.

Our hormone balancing programs will help you get your life back.  The one you remember when you were bright eyed and bushy tailed over what your future had planned for you.  Your passion for life, energy levels, and ability to focus will excel.  You will find yourself, looking forward to taking care of yourself – eating healthy food with motivation and drive to stay active and strong. 

Our hormone balancing programs will help you resolve belly discomfort such as bloating and irregular bowel movements.  And our hormone balancing programs will help you lose weight and keep it off, so you feel sexy and confident enough to strut around in front of your partner and tease them just a little.  Why not?  It’s fun and they love it!  

Having balanced hormones will also help you stay free of nasty illnesses, build your immune system and fight scary diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases.

When your hormones are balanced you will feel great, and that’s how you become great, creating an environment that feels great and changing the entire future of everyone you encounter.  When you feel awesome, you really do make the people around you happier and healthier.  These ripple effects of your balanced hormone really do make the world a better place.

Christmas 2015 with David and Inka, my son, daughter in law, grandchildren, parents, and sweet sister and brother in law.

Women are amazing beings!  And we hold the real happiness of our world in our hands.  I certainly have found that it’s impossible to do everything by yourself.  We all need the guidance of an expert, and we could use the support of others who have the same struggles we may have experienced.

I invite you to join us, and get the guidance and support you need and deserve. Sign up for our newsletter (below), for valuable information about your health!   I look forward to helping you make your life the best it can be, and making a difference in many other people’s lives as well! 

I look forward to seeing you inside! Thank you for being here and taking good care of yourself.  Sign up for our newsletter and Friend us on Facebook!  We’d love to help you live longer, healthier, and happier!


Dr. Karen Leggett