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OMG – where do I start? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Karen Leggett! I’m 59 years old, and have been suffering from menopause symptoms for 18 years! Everything from the obvious hot flashes and night sweats, and malaise, to the more subtle and confusing lack of libido, irritability, irrational sadness and crying, lack of focus and inability to recall thoughts and words, brain chatter and insomnia. I knew I was getting older, but I was afraid it was that I was getting prematurely senile!”

My compliance was minimal. I finally feel human again! I am sleeping a million times better, no brain chatter, my moods are stable and pleasant-like I used to be!! No more hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, aches and pains for no reason, and my energy level is returning. Dr. Karen gave me my “young self” back again!

I have felt pretty alone in my search for some help. I’ve gotten much more guidance from Dr. Karen in the last 6 months than in 6 years with my doctor. I so appreciate you. You’ve been a huge blessing to me.

I found Dr. Karen almost a year ago now and so happy I did!…I love the changes in me and so does my husband!  My hair is thicker, less dry, my skin is less dry and more supple, my energy, my mood, oh my, so many things!! I am just so thankful that you cared so for me and so many other’s lives that you have changed!

TRUE STORY! Long story short, my hormones were a MESS and I discovered your FB page and read through article after article, you literally SAVED my life. Now my sleep is amazing and just my overall BEING as a woman has improved. OK to the picture of you, people will stop by my desk and ask “who is that” and I just say “an amazing woman that is changing women’s lives for the better around this world.”

Words can NOT explain how grateful I am to someone that I have never met, you are selfless with your knowledge.

I want to tell you that I have known Dr. Karen for about 8 months. My life is so much more complete. I sleep better, am not moody, have more energy. My husband used to say “the dog and I shake when the garage door opens, we look at each other and say, oh no she’s home”, not knowing what type of mood I would come home with. I did not realize how bad it was.

My husband and dogs (now 3), all look forward to me arriving home. LOL. Thank you Dr. Karen, I have recommended you to friends, family, and even my gynecologist!

Dr. Karen has informed me and helped me understand my changes in midlife. I am feeling much more comfortable discussing things. Dr. Karen you gave me hope. I do not know where my journey will take me but my husband is noticing a less anxious women in his life, one with a bit of libido to!

Good evening Dr. Leggett. I’m writing to tell you how much YOU HAVE HELPED ME.  In the last month I’ve noticed a considerable thickness in my facial skin. My hair was very dry, frizzy and lifeless. In the last week my hair is less dry, more manageable with bounce and volume.

I’m also feeling a bit more energy than I previously had.  You’re a wonderful, kind-hearted, compassionate lady, and I really appreciate all of your services and education. I’ve learned a lot!


I love Dr. Karen because she has helped me avoid having a hysterectomy due to problematic uterine fibroid tumors. Dr. Karen made it so easy to do the testing conveniently at home and sent to the lab.

Dr. Karen helped me get my hormones back on track and helped with my fatigue. Thank you Dr. Karen for everything you have done to help me feel like my young self again!



My energy levels were so low I could hardly get myself through my work days. Any extra activities….nope…Just too tired!! I got my hormones tested through Dr. Karen and she has helped me to restore my energy levels.

I sleep so much better at night too!! Thank you for your services and caring so much.



3 years ago I came across Dr. Karen. I had heard about her services and I knew right away I needed to contact her. I was 55 years old and was experiencing a lot of hot flashes as well as other menopausal side effects. I started on her programs that she recommended for me and it has greatly reduced my hot flashes.

It was a welcome relief. I have tested once a year since then and I am very grateful for Dr. Karen. I know that my quality of life is so much better!!



I got tested for my hormones because of my constant hot flashes I’d been suffering with for years. Well it turns out I needed hormones – and badly. No more night sweats and I get hot flashes maybe once a day (when I get impatient with my hubby). Dr. Karen has helped with dry skin, my thinning hair and even my sex life! Thank you Dr. Karen!



I have known Dr. Karen for almost a year now and all I can say is, dang I wish I would have met her years ago when I got my hysterectomy!!! The horrible night sweats and hot flashes I had been struggling with for 10 years or so are just about non existent!! I also feel like it’s been helping with my sleep as well! Can’t say enough positive about Dr. Karen!!